Beautiful Education.




Life isn’t always predictable.  That is what makes it so interesting.  From Nebraska to Missouri.



My path to a life as a photographer hasn’t been a straight line.  I could be called a late bloomer or a person who takes advantage of unexpected opportunities.

I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of this journey over the next few blog posts.  While I share some images that I have recently created.



About three years or so ago, maybe four I was undergoing some more changes in my life.  Doors were closed and I was in search of an open door.   The more I found with no opportunity, the more determined I became to find a door that opened.  My world had changed many years before this and the time had come for me to push again for another change.  One of my choosing this time.

I had discovered blogging during this process, not only did I write a blog but I also read many of them.  It was one of those bloggers that lead me to an open door.  Only I didn’t see the opening at first.  Life is funny to be sure.

My amazing husband as you may be well aware of by now had gotten a camera as a gift and in the process of trying to help him learn how to use it better, I also learned how to use it better myself.  Even though at the time I was only able to hold it for a couple minutes at a time.  While reading a cyber friend’s blog, she talked about this new form of education called CreativeLIVE.  Of course I had to check it out.

CreativeLIVE soon became my sanctuary.  I was obsessed.  I tend to fully immerse myself in things which can be bad or it can be good.  At any rate, it gave me something else to focus on outside of myself.  Jason of course gathered all of the technical information that instructor John Greengo shares about what all of the buttons and dials do on our camera.  Then Zack ARIAS rocked my world with a light!   Yeah, I was hooked.

I’d been starving for information that gave me a road map to turn myself into a person who had a new way to connect with people.  Another way to help them feel amazing special and more beautiful.

This is what I’d been missing.

Life seems to be so much more empty without a passion for serving others and having a way to do this.

One amazing person that I’ve met on my latest journey.  This truly was a journey for me.  While education at CreativeLIVE is fantastic, I had never until this time taken an in person photography class since I was about 13 years old.  (Which is an entirely different story all together.)  This journey was to St. Louis, MO.

Jason and I were blessed to attend After Dark a perfect place for me to meet up with other photographer friends I have made online from all over the country.  Top instructors gathered, models, entertainers, and athletes descended upon Union Station in down town St. Louis for an amazing week of learning!

One of the beautiful people I met at this venue and had the opportunity to spend private studio time with Julie.  She is a woman with curves and a sultry voice that can belt out the tunes and cast a spell over her audience.

She is a performer of burlesque, as well as jazz and other genera of music as well.  Her talent pours and her voice just finds the sweet spot in your soul and makes it’s self at home with you.  Her curvy figure adds to the whole experience, she shifts back and forth feeling the music as she allows it to fill the room.  You can’t help but find her captivating.


A woman full of surprises you can tell right from the start, you are never sure what is coming next but you know you’ll be there to find out.


Meet Julie.


Performer and Entertainer Julie Jewels JubileeThe beautiful Victoria VelvetPerformer and Entertainer Julie Jewels Jubilee

Oh yes, I had to include the same image twice..  Isn’t she beautiful!


Find us on Google plus or search about our site for more of Julie’s images.  A few will also be able to be found on Facebook!



You’ll be able to find Julie at the next Beggar’s Carnivale as part of the St. Louis Burlesque Festival, “Show Me Burlesque.” Here’s the link:

Or on Facebook as Julie Jewels Jubilee to stay in touch with her performance schedule!


Blessings, Tonja

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AnnMarie Marino Gilmore - May 13, 2013 - 3:55 pm

Pretty images – and love the story as well. :)

Kiwi Marie Photography - May 13, 2013 - 5:37 pm

Great story! It’s wonderful when you finally find your passion :)

Danielle LaFleur - May 13, 2013 - 6:13 pm

Omgosh that After Dark event looks so fun. Beautiful photos, Tonja!

David Grupa - May 13, 2013 - 7:43 pm

Great story along with some really cool images!

Evo Bao - May 15, 2013 - 6:18 am

Love your photography journey! She is beautiful!

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