Glamour and Creativity Run Freely in St. Louis!



Lights Camera Action!



It isn’t often that you find in front of you an artistically minded athlete!   Creativity is something that I often find an abundance of, and it is often found in doses that many people do not comprehend.  This session was an exception, I was able to share and idea and she brought it to life.  Kendra is a dancer/athlete/model.  She has fierceness within her and a determined spirit.

Working with her was a pleasure, her body flows fluidly with the years of practice she has trained it to cooperate with her mind.  She wasn’t afraid to push the envelope and create the non traditional.  When she would work through each idea she gave each jump her all.

Images by Jason and Tonja Kendra Schuster After Dark Fierce Flying

Fierce Flying

I don’t think that tired is in Kendra’s vocabulary.  Commitment to her craft and a desire to partner with her photographer to create the best images of each idea.

When I saw what she had trained her body to be able to do I was full of ideas.  Normal didn’t make an appearance this day at our session.

I was excited about her images from the moment I visioned them.  I was excited to finish them out and create something I hadn’t shown before.  Something wild, interesting, and a bit out of this world.

I was a little bit nervous to create something different, you never know how people will respond.  In the end, I am quite proud and thrilled that Kendra had the courage to push herself beyond and become the vision I shared with her.

It takes some trust to put yourself out there like that!

Of course she is amazing and beautiful too.  It isn’t just every pretty face that can walk in a room and hold your attention.   I was lucky to be able to spend some time in a shooting bay with her.  Dancing has been her passion for years so of course she was used to working hard.


Fierceness Images by Jason and Tonja Kendra Schuster

Kendra is a beautiful dancer, and committed performer.



It is fun to remember your childhood, I grew up loving dance similar to Kendra, however I have no doubt that she is much better at it than I ever was.  Working with someone who has similar experiences, you are able to really understand what you are asking them to do, as well as it is so much easier for them to follow the instructions that you are asking of them.

It is like you can both speak the same language and there is no translation needed.  I was fortunate that Kendra  was able to understand what I asked her to do, and I am grateful that she was able to place her trust in me to go out of her normal range and do somethings that were different.

Kendra Schuster After Dark Images by Jason and Tonja

Gorgeous Fierceness

Creativity can take many different forms, it shares many different emotions and experiences.  Dance is a gift that transcends language and time.

She has a fire with in her soul and she dances from dusk til dawn, her style is all her own.

Thanks Kendra for sharing your time and talents with me!

Tonja Peterson-Wendt



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James Lout - December 15, 2013 - 10:29 pm

Nice!, I’m a huge fan of dramatic lighting.

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