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Class of  2015 ~ Hannah Neil





Hannah Neil, when you meet her, you are likely to remember her.

She is able to flash a smile with her eyes, or knock you over with a glare.  One of the first times meeting her, she presented her vivacious personality that she was starting to really grow into.  She was along for her brother’s senior session.  Cheery and helpful she really enjoyed goofing off that day with her two brothers.

She is like the center of an oreo cookie, dangerously sweet surrounded by two dark sides.

Hannah-Neil-Entry-Wall-Portraits-WEB  photo edited original found on flicker cc

That is what makes her such a compelling individual. She’s got fire, pinash, and a backbone. It is not too often that you find all of this in one tiny package.

She is a perfect drama queen, able to change who she is on a dime.  She is a competitor, a performer, a blossoming woman of excellence.  Pushing herself while dragging others along. She will force herself to be the best and insist that you do the same.

You don’t find many high school seniors like this today, she’s got her eye on the next prize ready to pick up the pieces of another character and delve into the psyche of the unknown. Putting on a mask to convey a story, a mood, a moment in time.
Discovering what makes another tick, pouring her soul in to the next role she is cast. All too often, people are so scared of pushing their limits, while she rides on the edge of her soul.

Bringing out the best in herself or the worst, to help you forget she is even on the stage as the stories transform through her body.

You may wonder where she is headed after this, although you may also have gotten a clue.  Make no mistake her name will be lit up one day on the most famous of streets, Broadway.

Here is a video of Hannah and her senior images!  Check it out!


She is the apple of her father’s eye and the joy of her mother’s heart; she is grounded in faith, surrounded by brothers, she can lead you to see both the best and the worst things in life, which is what makes her so original and compelling.

She enjoys the win, the competition she’s placed herself in, she is an actor’s actor, she loves the sound of applause and the whir of amazement, a tear or two will be shed as Hannah disappears into her role.

Her high school career has seen here at state speech 5 different times in 4 different events, 2 of those were this year when I received runner-up at state speech qualifying for nationals in both events. She received best supporting actress last year at conference drama and best actress this year at conference drama, last year she earned outstanding alto in our choir.

Hannah’s has presented many speeches one this year called 13 a dramatic interpretation. About a school shooting where a girl whose mother died whose sister left home while her dad beats her and she gets bullied at school so she decides to kill 13 people. Hannah isn’t afraid to tackle something difficult to deal with and confront emotions about.

While her Humorous Interpretation was called sleepover from hell, where all different girls get together and they all think they are cursed.  The script is written with humor. The police show up and the little girls mom is upstairs with Enrique the pool boy.

Her Freeman High School Senior Hannah Neil will be transitioning to New York City and the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts next fall.  She will pursue an education in acting and be living the dream of a small town high school girl making it big in the apple.

You cannot make this story up. She’s worked long and hard to get where she is. She is devoted to her craft, excited about the upcoming roles in her life and setting out to change the world by telling one story at a time.

Photographing Hannah keeps you on her toes, she has a million ways to show herself to the world and capturing them was a great opportunity to share in one piece a little bit more about her.

Creating a piece for her parent’s wall I knew I wanted this to be something special, more than just a collage of images Hannah’s life is grounded in faith.  I wanted this wall piece to also be grounded in faith, so I started off with a cross.

Hannah-Neil-Room-Wall-Portrait-Social-Media  https://www.flickr.com/photos/motoyen/111657220/in/photostream/

Having Christ at the center of their family life gives Hannah a strong foundation to be herself.  Say yes to what she chooses, but no to many of the insecurities others face.  She is creative and a contradiction while beaming radiance.  It is a gift that she shares.  Around the cross sprinkled in are some of the different faces she shares with the world.  They are representing the chaos of everyday life, the uncertainty, risks and rewards that you find along your journey that make life so fabulous.

She is fueled by passion, by excellence, by competition.  Bringing others along on her journey helping them to be their best is also a huge motivator for Hannah.

I hope you enjoy learning a bit about Hannah!  Watch for her in the future!  It is likely that you will be seeing much more of her!

Here is to a great gal full of surprises and an ability to transform any situation into one of her making.

Thank you! <3

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