I LOVE MY DOG EXPO ~ Jason and Tonja Nebraska Dog Photography


Images by Jason and Tonja Hazel Luka Duke Service Dog

Our family!




Hello, we were so excited to meet you!   What a great event the expo was!!  It was our first year, we were totally amazed at the diversity of dogs you brought through our booth!  We loved seeing how well behaved your fur kids were also!  WOW!  What a bunch of great people who care about their fur kids!  You can totally tell they were a part of your family.

We love our dogs!  Duke our newest and youngest, is my Service Dog.  He is a Domesti-Pups dog and was trained in Lincoln Nebraska.

Duke works with me while I do daily outings and photography sessions, he’s become an important member of our pack.  Jason and I also have two other dogs.  Luka who was my first Service Dog, and Hazel who is a Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue.  Actually all of our dogs were rescue dogs at one time or another.

We’d love to stay in touch and keep you informed about our photography and other things we are doing.  Please take a moment to fill out your information and be sure to check your email so you can confirm your subscription! Our sessions are custom designed for our clients pricing for our pet portrait sessions I will happily chat with you to figure out how we can best meet your needs. Give us a call at 402-417-4994 leave a message so we can get back to you. We have busy lives and are not always attached to our phones!

OH and if you signed up at our booth… sorry but we had a glitch and your information never arrived to our email manager.  =( Boo..   Please take a moment and do it again!

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