We LOVE Dogs! Domesti-Pups & Our Booth at the Lincoln Lancaster Event Center! Images by Jason and Tonja



It was a Domesti-Pups Dog Diggity Event!


We sure had fun meeting everyone and seeing your fur kids!  What a great event!  Being there with everyone it truly was a fun filled weekend worth all of the work that goes into putting something like this together.

This past summer, I became the recipient of my first successor Service Dog.  My boy Luka now 14 years old is retired, he was my first Service Dog and one of the Domesti-Pups originals back in the day.  He came to me through a series of seemingly destined events.  We made quite the pair, so transitioning well, it has been hard.  You can read more about my journey which I haven’t shared much about on my other blog.  PINKDOBERMAN BLOG

This spring, I found out that Domesti-Pups had a dog for me.  It was welcome news to say the least.  I’d gone through a frustrating period of having to rely on other people to do basic things and I didn’t feel very independent.  My family and friends rallied around us and raised the funds to finish my partnership.

That is where the I LOVE MY DOG EXPO also helps.  This expo held every year for the past 6 years makes it possible for Domesti-Pups to provide the services that they do for people like me and those with epilepsy.  I have a Traumatic Brain Injury as a result of multiple concussions, and some other issues as well that effect my balance, concentration and abilities.  Domesti-Pups fills a niche in the Service Dog industry by training dogs that ultimately partner with those who have seizure disorders, as well as those with mobility issues.

Domesti-Pups also provides an even greater service to the community by training dogs that work as Reading Pups, Edu Pups, and Therapy Dogs.  These are the dogs that you may be familiar with in schools, hospitals, and long term care facilities.  These dogs and their handlers do community service regularly all over the metro area and beyond.

Believe it or not there is a great need for these dogs and others like them.  There certainly aren’t enough Service Dog training facilities that can consistently turn out such great companions and helpers!  Domesti-Pups is well worth your commitment support and donations.

It isn’t all that common to run into someone with one of the graduated Service Dogs.  The class I was in for example most of the recipients were from out of state.  Two of us were local.  It is a fantastic service that they provide and it is a specialty that is needed all across this great country of ours, and I am proud to have another one of the Domesti-Pups Service Dogs.

Let me tell you a little bit about Duke!  He’s my new partner.  He does many things that help me.  Of course Jason is still a main part of my life but Duke is able to take the minutia away and give both of us the freedom to be more independent.  Jason gets the peace of mind that I am not alone, and that I have help if I need it.   Duke walks beside me when I am outside or in new or busy places.  I get distracted and he keeps my feet on the floor.  He picks things up, so if I drop a lens cover, my cellular, or need something off of the ground he grabs it for me.  He also helps me up off of the floor, the more I do things the more tired I become.  It gets increasingly difficult to get myself up.  He also helps me around the house.  Which is handy!  I’ll be adding more about him on the Pink Doberman Blog.

So a few years ago now Jason got a camera and was having a lot of fun with it, so much fun that he was starting to get asked to formally take pictures, around the same time I discovered that after working to hold a camera again that this was something that I not only enjoyed still, but was able to do.  So I took more classes online and kept improving.  I am not formally trained, and I learn where ever I go and what ever I do.  Soon… well it turned into more.  =D  I now take most of the people and pet pictures and Jason does most of the art.  We each have found our niche!

Of course I have a great connection with our four legged friends.  I’ve had a dog from the earliest times in my life that I can remember.  I even had horses and a cow..  Love farm life.  Going through what I have gone through I really am so incredibly grateful to those who take their time to train these dogs.  It takes someone with patience and a gift for serving others.  My dog was trained at one of the prisons in the state.  His trainer was wonderful, and really cared about Duke.  They’d worked together for a long while, under the guidance of Domesti-Pups trainers.

These volunteers work regularly week in and week out with a purpose greater than themselves.  Your support of this organization means that they have the funds to drive to check out potential pups that have what it takes to finish this program.  The pups that they select are rare, they aren’t certain breeds, they are of certain personalities.  This means that they have to go out and search all leads to find the best dogs suited for this type of work.  All dogs just don’t want to work. They only want happy dogs!

So this year, we were asked why we weren’t having a booth at the expo..   We’d never done a booth before, our photography business is pretty word of mouth and while we do like that, it was a great idea of a way to let more people know about us!  It also sounded fun!  So there we were!  It didn’t go off with out a few bumps..  namely the email subscriptions..  I messed up on the coding information that makes that work.. I didn’t get right, so no one really got signed up although they entered their information.  Boo.  This is now fixed and we’d love to invite you to sign up AGAIN!   Sign up here!!


A huge thank you to our friend Becky who helped us set up our booth on Friday!  I forgot to get a picture with her in it!  =(

Keenan and Nikki who help us with our photography, they hung out in our booth with us on Saturday!!

We also had the pleasure of having Hannah and Jake help us in our booth on Sunday!!

Our Booth at the I LOVE My Dog Expo

Images by Jason and Tonja Booth

Here we are, thanks Jason for taking the pictures!!

Everyone who came, let me just tell you we were in LOVE with your dogs!!  We had the opportunity to see so many different breeds!  You might think that an event like this would have fights or jumping dogs or lots of problems?  NOPE!  The dogs who were attending weren’t show dogs they were for the most part family dogs.  We loved seeing all of the pampered pooches and we couldn’t be more excited to see you in the future and spend time with your fur kids!  We know that YOU LOVE YOUR DOGS!!    We loved everyone who stopped by!  Thanks so much!!

I hope you get in touch!  We’d love to do a shoot for you too!


Tonja and Jason

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Karina Golembiewski - February 28, 2014 - 3:46 pm

Great expo! Glad to hear you got a new partner, Duke. He sounds amazing! I hope he continues to make your life easier. Best of luck!

Linda Tubbs - February 28, 2014 - 4:19 pm

Love your booth! So happy for you and Duke.

Lorena Gililland Turner - February 28, 2014 - 7:54 pm

What a cute booth! Duke sounds incredible…best wishes to both of you!

Elly Swerdlow - March 1, 2014 - 12:07 am

Your booth looks great and so happy for you and Duke!

Evo Bao - March 2, 2014 - 9:29 am

Awesome booth! Looks like everyone had fun, especially Duke!

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