Nebraska Treasures!





Bright & Smiling


Two beautiful girls spent a day with their grandparents!  Grandma was sneaky and invited us over to take some pictures!

She likes to surprise her daughter and son in law.  What a glorious day it was, we arrived to the girls outside making the snow fall from a flowering tree.

Darling Girls

Nebraska girls at heart, they are full of love and independence all at the same time!  Time slips by quietly and soon they are headed out the door for bigger things.

There is nothing quite as nice as time spent with Grandparents who spoil you, love you, and dote on your every desire.

Days like this make for memories etched in their minds.  They will grow up, older and still have memories of their matching outfits and the kindness they shared one summer day.

Don’t blink.  For if you do the time will pass and life will be on to other dreams.  For now, memories are locked in images that will be forever able to tell their story.

Zoey Beautiful!!

Nebraska Beautiful! I am the big! Beautiful Nebraska Families

Nebraska Beautiful!

Nebraska Beautiful.. I am the little.





It is that moment when you reach for the phone to give us a call.  Don’t let the distractions of life stop you from preserving moments.  They are gone far to soon.


Tonja and Jason

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