Beautiful In All The Right Ways! F-Cancer! Jill In Paris by Sue Bryce and Hailey Bartholomew and Nebraska Beauty Images by Jason and Tonja Photography


This is a story about love!


How do you feel about yourself?  I mean really feel about yourself?  Do you know that you are amazing and special?  I remember times I’d see my mom, and I don’t think she felt this way.  I know she had moments of this, as the mother of three girls, she put us first, but at a point we started working with her to get her “beauty” back.  She was glamorous as a single gal, fashionable as a married woman, and when she became a mom, as I started to tug on her jewelry that part of her seemed to slip away.

I wish I’d had the skills to photograph her like I can do these days with women.  She so deserved a portrait or a little book showing off her outer beauty, so when she would look at it and not feel that great about herself that day for whatever reason, she’d still be able to transfer those feelings to her new day.

I wanted to share this beautiful story about a woman named Jill.  Please take the time to read and watch.  It may just change your life.  Know you are beautiful!

Blessings, Tonja



My mother had great beauty, on the inside and the out.  I think she really felt her beauty this day!


A gorgeously beautiful, on the inside and out,  lady named Jill.

She was photographed by my friend/mentor Sue.

This is the story, I hope you take the time to flip through the online magazine, and I hope you take the time to watch the beautiful video made by Hailey about this whole experience.  Jill’s story is still being written, but her message is what I hope to pass along to you today!



This beautiful magazine was created by Portrait Photographer Sue Bryce


It is a beautiful message.  A life saving message.  Life is nice.  Even the bad parts allow you to fight for the good parts.  This video is profoundly created by Hailey Bartholomew.





Find more out about gorgeous Jill here.


The message that I’d like to leave you with is that you are beautiful!  Don’t wait to live your life.  Don’t wait to be afraid of what everyone else would think if you became who you’ve always wanted to be.

I think in each of us we hold back.  If you knew you weren’t going to have the choice any longer.  How would you wished you’d have lived?

Also do your breast exams.  Eat healthy, Exercise, and LIVE!

My mom got to spend more time with us because she did.    Don’t wait to be who God meant for you to be.  You are beautiful!


We are blessed,

Jason and Tonja


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