One day at a time, making life count! Images by Jason and Tonja, High School Senior Photographers, Loomis Nebraska, Sports Photography




When you set out before the light pops over the horizon…

And the cold chills you to your bones, the dew is heavy on each petal, and the road just seems so long, you’ll see laid out before you, a life that isn’t flat.  There are hills and there are valleys, streams, and rail road tracks, it may not always be easy, but you’ll enjoy right where you are at.

The sun begins to rise with each step your feet take, your heart begins to pump and the blood begins to race.  Your feet are carrying you steadily as the breeze begins to chase, you travel on like lightening, as the light hits you in your face.

You round the latest corner, dive through the brush and tree’s, you’ve nearly got a race as that bird begins to sing.  The warmth is reaching far inside, your glistening smile shines bright, your feet are really soaked right now, and squish with each new stride.

The race ain’t over yet you see you’ve nearly gone half way, the distance that you cover is many miles a day.  There are no crowds or streamers, just frogs and birds and bee’s.. the meadow’s joyfully sing as they blow in the breeze.

You are a mighty runner, there is no time to delay, your life won’t wait forever and you are going to make your way.

The hills don’t stop your climbing and the valleys aren’t so low, you move through life steadily with each new step you go.

There is success in each new day and each new challenge done.  You are well on to winning this race, one foot after the next.  Don’t stop, don’t rest, keep going as you always give your best.

For our 2011 Senior Sierra.    ~Tonja


Beautiful, Strong, Smart, and Fun!  We love our seniors!

We are blessed,

Jason and Tonja
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Melissa Wilson - October 8, 2012 - 12:30 am

LOVE it! Very cool image.

Karen Cooley - October 14, 2012 - 6:07 pm

Love it, Tonja!!

Ally Davis - October 15, 2012 - 10:05 pm

This awesome!! What a great post!

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