Why we take pictures…

Images by Jason and Tonja

We take pictures because we enjoy taking a little bit of what we see with us.

It started out when we were both much younger.  We were full of curiosities it was cool to see if you could push the shutter at the exact moment that something was happening.  It was neat to really get something you saw and have it printed to paper to share with others.

Jason really did more experimenting than I did back then.  Probably he still does more experimenting than I do.  He attached a video camera to a wire from one taller building to a shorter one and then let the camera go.  Attached a camera to the wheel of a car to see what life would look like from the wheel’s perspective.  He took pictures for journalism.

I mostly shot my friends, and family or subjects of my choosing like old barns.   I took pictures for memories and art.  I took classes as a child and entered projects in the fair.  With my previous business I would take photos of people, mostly candid shots just for newsletters  and my website to share with my group.

Over the years we’d borrow camera’s to take senior pictures for kids… I did design work making announcements and other things.

Jason had always mentioned wanting to get a camera that he could use to take some great shots with again.

We got a camera!

The fun began again for him.  He started taking classes.  He began going out everyday to take pictures of what he would see.  Places he would go and he would bring them back to show me.

When he would be at his J.O.B. I began to take pictures of the birds I saw from my window.  Our lives began to transform.

The next thing you know he was posting his pictures on the internet.  Friends began checking them out.   We were asked to take pictures at a wedding.

The photography world began exploding for us after this!  We didn’t know what we were doing but we were sure having a great time!

He continued to take classes, I began to study online.

We continued to take our fun pictures, and then more pictures for friends.

We began learning how the photography business works.

We thought, hey, if we are going to do this we are going to learn to do it right.

So I’ve been studying the Business of Photography.

Who wants a photographer who is around one minute and gone the next?

We don’t want to be that photographer, we don’t feel that that would be fair to us or the clients we would have served.

So, as we evolve, we are creating a viable business that offers emotion evoking images to our clients.

We are continuing to evolve as all artists do.  As all professionals should.

We continue to take classes, apply different techniques, we continue to “play” in our work.

Our goal is of course to take great images.  But we’d like to take it farther than that.

We’d like to create images that become your families story.

I will share more about that in a future post.

Thanks for learning about us,

why we do what we do,

and who we are.


Jason and Tonja

Carson’s Birthday Pictures!

Celebrating Carson!

We were warned that Carson loves being a boy!  So we were prepared with ideas to keep him entertained and give us opportunities to take some fun pictures of him.

Carson has an amazing mom.  She’s totally in to carrying snail shells!  Which Carson was delighted to find in the lake while we were out on our shoot.

We get a little messy sometimes when we suggest different “poses”.

Thankfully we’d warned mom before we gathered so she knew to bring some extra clothing for the kids.

As you can see in the adorable pictures below Carson is a very active little man.

After he slipped into the lake… he was a little shaken up.. and very soaked… Mom was there to catch and reassure him.

He was elated to find since he was already soaked, that he could easily step back in to the water to gather a few more snail shells.



Here are a few of the pictures from his special day!

Happy Birthday Carson!


If you are a friend or relative of Carson ask his mom for the code to have access to his gallery of pictures.

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Jason and Tonja

Images by Jason and Tonja Artists Reception at Glacial Till Vineyard in Ashland, Nebraska

What a great party!  A HUGE Thank You to everyone who attended our Artists Reception at The Glacial Till Vineyard!

A special thank you as well to harpist Heidi Beran who made the night all the more special!

Keep in mind we are not professional videographers!

Jason was not able to attend so I made this video for him, and thought we’d also share it with all of you!

Did you miss our Artists Reception??  You can still go see our art!

These pieces will be offered through Glacial Till Vineyard until the end of July!    Stop in and take the stairs to the gallery or peruse it on their iPad while you have your wine downstairs.



Would you like to know more?

Visit: Glacial Till Vineyard!


Visit: Harpist Heidi Beran!


With out Stacey G… the night would also not have gone so smoothly, she made everything look effortless! Thanks Stacey!

Please also check out this next weeks addition of the Ashland Gazette! We were interviewed last week about our photography!

Visit our online fine art gallery!

Images By Jason And Tonja

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The Peterson Family Video! by Images by Jason and Tonja

Great things are happening!

See what you think of the latest addition to our photography habit.

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The Peterson’s- Our Family

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Mary Peterson - October 27, 2011 - 2:55 pm

looks like you all had fun!

Danielle Dutta - October 27, 2011 - 9:30 pm

These are great family photos! Love all the vertical lines. (The backside shots towards the end – great!) :)

Vince Murdock - October 27, 2011 - 10:50 pm

Very unique and playful, the family will love the photos and the slideshow.

Deborah Chetwood - October 28, 2011 - 2:04 am

Love the use of the trees in your composition.