Sister Has Baby On Board ~ Kansas City Beautiful



Baby Baby Baby!  Oh Baby!



Growing up it wasn’t something we ever talked about.  I never even thought about getting married.  However my sisters seemed to grasp the idea of family a little sooner than me.  We welcomed Mike to our family he was the second guy to marry in to our insanity.  It was a few years later we welcomed another bundle of joy, Reid arrived tossing this adventurous couple into a life with a little one.

We couldn’t have been happier!  We sure have had fun watching him grow and develop interests and take after both his dad and his mom!


It is nearly 10 years later and we are so excited to soon welcome another beautiful life into our family.  It won’t be long.

On our journey to St. Louis we had the pleasure to stop in Kansas City to photograph Kyla!   She is due now nearly anytime and we can’t wait to welcome a little girl into our family.

I know we are all jealous of how gorgeous Kyla is everyday, and pregnant is no exception.

Her smile and grace extend throughout her busy household.  Dad is nearly a professional bicycle racer along with advancing in a career that keeps thriving.  Reid is athletic like dad and is busy exploring sports and building projects.   This little bundle of joy will keep this Kansas City family all on their toes!

We’ve already begun to spoil her rotten with pink bows and dresses!  She is going to be welcomed into a home where Thomas the Train was king once upon a time.

Big brother is getting used to the idea, and will soon be drawing up the bridge over the moat, so his kingdom isn’t invaded by curious posh princess.

We are getting ahead of ourselves.  She has yet to arrive.

Here is my Kansas City Sister, with little Princess getting ready to stake her claim.

Baby on Board




Beautiful Baby Soon To Arrive

Baby Oh Baby!




Momma Beautiful!

Beautiful Baby Arriving Soon!



We are all so excited!!  We can’t wait to meet her!

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Stay tuned for updated images!

Blessings, Tonja

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Nicole Rasmussen - August 2, 2013 - 1:17 am

Congrats! SHes a very beautiful baby!

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