What can you do celebrate your birthday? ~ Ashland Nebraska, Images by Jason & Tonja

Celebrating Tara!


Celebrating who you are is an important part of life.  Accepting who you are and where you are at is a fantastic place to be.  Tara chose to celebrate her birthday with us and give herself the gift of a photo shoot.

She is smart, sexy, and an all around fun gal.  He husband while not fond of being in front of a camera was even a good sport.  Something important to both of them is serving our country.  A special Thank You for all that they do to make our world a safer place.

Tara thinks a lot of what her husband does and wanted to share her appreciation by showing off his Air Force cap.


Take a moment to appreciate who you are right now in your life.  Appreciate where you are at and all that you have going for you.  Tara rocked her session!  She was great to work with her eyes light up when she is with her man and the boys love being by her side.

Be who you are, share who you are!


Tara celebrated her special day with her husband and two fur kids.  You will soon be able to see more images on our facebook page!

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