Fernanda, Wicked Smart Beauty!


 Wicked Smart Beauty!



It has been a while to say the least.  She was here last year and we created these gorgeous images.  Of course I’ve had them finished for a long time now, and somehow holding on to them without sharing them felt a little bit like she was still here.

I don’t know about you, but when the three pieces of your heart grow up, and live in different parts of the globe, holding onto a little bit of them makes life a little nicer.

However I just realized it has been forever and I should share her gorgeous images.  I probably should have a long time ago.

So apologetically I am sharing these gorgeous images now.

Life is funny, we have hosted three exchange students over the years, two of them are sisters.  We are equally proud of each of them, and we see ourselves represented in their lives in different ways.  We hold dear the memories of the time they were here, and the times that we get to visit them or they are able to visit us.  It is a beautiful world.

One of our beauties came to visit us after we had begun taking pictures.  We of course plan to capture each one of them when we see them next.  =D

Fernanda (The Baby)  came to visit.  She is an adjavagada or attorney, she is passionate, convicted, and energetic.



Images by Jason and Tonja, Fernanda, Rotary, Brazil

When you hold the secrets of life in your fingertips, you can dance among the stars.




Life is so sweet when what you do makes it a little bit better.   Fernanda is a champion of looking for the best option, creating the best outcome, and delivering what she does with everything she has.
Her determination and passion are contagious, you can’t help knowing that she makes a difference.

Fernanda, Images by Jason and Tonja, Brazilian Rotary

Wicked Smart Beauty



Where she walks her shoes leave her mark, others will know where she has been.   She sparkles when she talks about something, her enthusiasm is contagious, she is a fighter and a beautiful champion.  You can’t help but be better for knowing her and having her in your life you feel richer.



Fernanda  Images by Jason and Tonja  Brazilian Smart Beauty

Life in Law

She is engaged of course to a handsome and smart fella.  We couldn’t be happier for our girl.  She is making a difference one case at a time.


Blessings,   Tonja


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