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{Senior} Images by Jason and Tonja’s  FAQ

How far in advance should I book my session?

We recommend booking your session late in your junior year.  It gives you prime opportunity to get the date and locations you want.  However if you are late in this process don’t worry.  We can often get you in.  In fact we do senior sessions until late into your senior year, however this is a good way to find that you will be missing from your yearbook.  (Yearbook photos for some schools are due early on in your senior year.)


How long will my session last?

This is something that you select.  We have really quick sessions that are quite painless for those of you who are camera shy.  We also have longer sessions where we can create the session of your dreams.  Ask us for a consultation and we can help you with what is right for you.


Where will it be?

Location is completely up to you.  We have two studio locations, a mobile studio, and we travel!  We love to photograph outdoors.  Nighttime?  No problem!   If you can dream it one way or another we can bring it to reality in your images!


Can other people be included in my photos?

Sure thing!  We love including a friend or two or siblings!





Do you offer a senior rep program?

Why yes we do.  This is something that you will want to ask us about early in the season.  In fact we currently have a link to our Spokesmodel Application on our senior home page.  if you are reading this you probably aren’t very far away from clicking on that link.


What do I need to bring?

We suggest bringing your favorite things!  Sometimes it ends up being your whole closet, other times you bring only specific items.  We’ll talk this through more and offer suggestions when you decide on your session.


I don’t want the same photos as everyone else, can you make mine original?

For sure!  We love unique, different, and not like the others!   Have some ideas.. shoot!  We love new things.  If you don’t have ideas, we always do!


Can I incorporate my car into the photos?

Of course!  We love cars, we are especially fond of Jeeps!


I really like the “grunge” look but I’m not sure where to go for the location, can you help plan out the locations based on the type of look I want?

Yes.  We are constantly scouting for great places and different ideas. No worries!


What should I do to prepare for the session?

We have lots of ideas.  The basics are included in our personal consultation meeting with you.  The rest of what you need to know we create depending on what you are wanting for your personal session.




What comes with the packages?

We have several sessions; we don’t attach packages to sessions.  We would like you to have the flexibility to choose what you want and what suits your needs.  We do have packages as well as A la Cart items available!


If I want to shoot on the school property, how do we obtain permission to do so?

That usually is pretty simple, depending on the school.  We can help you with this after you’ve selected your sessions.  We have other options just in case your school isn’t open to your ideas.


This is my first time having professional photos taken, what should I expect?

Expect to have an initial consultation after you contact us. We’ll show you our work, as well as talk to you about your ideas.  You will be able to get a firsthand look at our canvas, book and printed images.

When you select the perfect type of session we will book your date.  (You’ll also pay your retainer at this time.)  Then we’ll consult with you on ideas as well as details about what you’ll need to bring and what locations would work best to create the perfect senior session.

At your senior session appointment, you’ll arrive early, we’ll select your wardrobe pieces as well as accessories, and then we’ll start shooting.  Usually two weeks or so following your senior session we will meet again for your ordering appointment.

We will show your images in one of our viewing rooms, and let you select how you’d like to have your images printed.  We do have digital options available as well.  If you decide to order at this time you’ll receive a huge discount from us. (We love to spoil our clients) We will place your order and get all of your items in so you can show them off all year long!

If you are one of our spokesmodels this process is similar but not the same…


Do you have the option of taking my yearbook headshot?

Yes, please send us your school’s requirements in advance of your session.  This way we can create images that meet their specifications.



If it rains, do you have a studio to shoot at?

Yes, not only do we have one studio, we have two!!


I’m shy, won’t it be awkward having my family stare at me while the shoot is going on?

Your family usually gets quite bored at the prospect of sitting around, they are usually off staring at their computer, a tv or poking around the studio.   Often times they head to the local coffee shop or run errands as well.  We do like one parent at least to stick around..


Who all should come to the shoot?

Anyone who we’ve planned to be in the shoot for sure, and we love it when parents come along.  No unruly little kids though; we’ve found they can be a big distraction.  If you have some younger siblings, we’ll ask that they are around for the first part and then they get to go hang out with one parent and do something else fun somewhere else!  We want your time to be about you!  Oh and if your parents get in the way we’ll find something fun for them to do too!  =D  Although that rarely happens.


I want my photos taken in different weather season or school season (IE homecoming), is that an option?

Yes, we can make plans for this!  We’ve even done four season’s sessions!  We get it.


Will these images be posted online or any social networks?

Yes, that is our standard policy.  Purchased images will be available for blogging and usually end up on social media sites as well.

Will I have the option to use props?

Yes.  What do you have in mind?



Should I go tanning before my session?

Please don’t.  Orange is not a good look.  The camera makes tans unflattering, tan lines are worse, they may require extra retouching and that can cost more.  If you must tan, please don’t at least two weeks prior to your session and try not to get any lines.

How do I go about securing my session?

Your session is secured at the time of booking, we have a non refundable reservation fee, that keeps your date yours and makes it permanent.


The products listed on your site are different from others I’ve seen, is there any way to get different products?

What are you looking for?  If you know it is likely that we either already offer it or we know how to get it.  We try to offer the best of the best for our clients.


When is the best time of year to schedule my session?

We love all of the seasons, when do you want your images?  When does your school need your yearbook photo?  These are the first questions we need to know before helping you decide when to book.


What happens if you’re sick or are unable to shoot the session on the scheduled day?

You will be given two options.  One of our great senior photographer friends will handle our session and we’ll hand off our notes to them.  Or we can reschedule.  However this is unlikely, as both Jason and I shoot, so we usually have each other’s backs.  =D


How will I know how to pose?

We are trained professionals; we have confidence in posing you if you aren’t confident in this area.  We want you to look your very best, so we have invested in the training necessary to insure you have great images.



How many outfit changes can I have?

This more depends on the amount of time you have booked.  We don’t limit clothing changes.


I don’t like “X” about  me, can we shoot around it?

YES!  Just let us know in advance.  In fact we have an entire worksheet for you to fill out so you can tell us these things!  We know how to hide things that may bother you; we just need to know what they are.  We all have things that we don’t like about ourselves..


How long have you been shooting seniors?

We shot our first senior pictures in 2009.


Can this session be done at multiple locations?

Of course!   Our gear comes with us!


What other locations options do you suggest?


At your consultation we will discuss a few ideas.  After you book your session we will come up with a list for you to select from.

In your professional opinion how long do you think I will need for the session?

We have several different options available that meet all budgets as well as all ideas.
Please give us a call and set up your consultation session with us, we’ll be happy to help you select the best one for you.


If you do post “sneak-peaks” online on your social network site… do you have to post mine?

We don’t do sneak-peaks.



I prefer black & white images will you edit them in color and black & white?

Please let us know this when you fill out your information form.  We create beautiful black and whites!


Is there an extra fee for creative edits?

For our regular line of products there is not an additional creative fee.  However for extra edits or editing beyond our regular offerings we do have additional costs.  We try to keep these as reasonable as possible for you.


How many photos do you typically take during the session?

Depending on your session selection you will have between 5 images and 40 to select from.


How many photos will I receive?

You will receive as many images as you choose to purchase.  We do not do advanced purchasing; you will order based on the images you see at your ordering appointment.


Do you offer professional retouching (ie zit removal)?

Yes, in fact this comes standard.  Additional retouching may require additional fee’s but all basic retouching is included at no extra cost, and that includes acne.


How long does it take to get the photos back?

We usually give 6-8 weeks for our labs to work their magic.  Many times you will get your finished images back sooner!


What should I wear?

Arrive in comfortable clothing.



What if I wear glasses?

No worries.  We will work with your glasses and create the best images!  Some people like to remove their lenses, but this can create problems for them so we use a variety of solutions to insure you will have great images with no glare.


What if my braces are still on at the time of the shoot?

No problem, if you would like to have them removed that is an option that we offer.


What time of day would be best for the session?

What time of day is best for you?  We usually shoot in the afternoons and evenings.  But anytime can be good.


What senior products do you offer?

We offer many products, from wallets, canvases, books, jewelry, and other printed material.  We also offer a wide selection of digital options.


Do you have any samples of your senior sessions?

Sure, our blog features several seniors, we also have more images available on our senior site.  Coming soon we will also be featuring videos of our sessions.


Can the products you offer be customized?

Yes, we offer customization options!  We create custom photography so going a step further to create customized products is right up our alley.






What if I don’t like my portraits?

We will have discussed what you wanted in advance, so the likelihood of this isn’t great.  We usually find that those who have problems with their images don’t like something to do with themselves in them.  Let’s talk about it.  These things can often be fixed, and we are happy to do so.  Extra editing charges may apply.

If we’ve done something inconsistent with our plans we will make every effort to resolve the situation to your satisfaction.


Is there any extra cost to include my pet?

No.  We love pets..


If we end up needing more time on the day of the session can it be added on then?

Yes, we are happy to do that!


Do you bring an assistant with you?

We usually have an assistant with us, sometimes we don’t.  We use all available hands at some sessions other sessions it can be pretty simple.


How much do senior sessions end up costing?

That is up to you, your budget, your dreams, and your parent/guardian.

We can work with you at your consultation, our session fee’s start around $75.


What days are you available to shoot senior sessions? 

This really depends.  Our schedule can fill up.  We only take a certain number of clients each week, for the greatest selection for weekend dates talk to us early.



Can I order more prints/products later?

Yes, we do keep your unordered image files around for a limited amount of time.  Ordered image files are kept longer.  Special discounts may not apply.

Why do I need to come to the viewing center to order the prints/products?

We’ve found that this method has increased our clients’ satisfaction.  We love having happy clients and we want to be there to assist you with your selection as well to answer any questions.   Your appointment will not be a pressure filled situation we want you to have what is best for you.


Why is your logo on all the photos? Will the logo be on the prints?

Our logo is included on the backs of many of the products; we do print our logo on some images, as well as sign some pieces.   We want you to remember where you purchased your images, as well as give you the protection having our logo on your images provides.  We stand behind our products and if we’ve produced it we include our information on it.


What type of payments do you accept?

We accept Cash, Visa, and Mastercard, Paypal, and Dwolla.  Checks may be accepted in certain situations.


What other session fees or taxes are charged?

There is tax on every product and session, we do not charge shipping on items purchased on your ordering day.   Other fees may include travel expenses, additional retouching, additional time added to your session, and optional items like this.



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