Capturing Life After High School… Images by Jason and Tonja, High School Senior Photographers, Ashland Nebraska, Omaha Nebraska, Lincoln Nebraska



Just when you think you’ve reached the end….

                                                                   You get to reinvent yourself.



One of the neatest things is staying in touch with our past high school friends..  watching them become strong independent successful people.  Life begins after high school, new friendships, new skills, living on your own, studying what you choose, getting that first big pay check, and really growing into yourself.  We really enjoy hanging out with our young adult friends as their lives enter new stages.

Each one brings different joys, different moments to remember, and reasons to celebrate.  Sometimes those reasons are quite simple, other times they may be huge celebrations.  Regardless, we love having you in our lives, and we are blessed by your friendships and excited for your future!

Tiffany is a great example of this, she has really stepped into herself after high school, this girl is going far, she is goal oriented and is on a mission.  We couldn’t be prouder to have her in our lives!


Don’t think the only times in your life to celebrate who you are ends with your senior pictures.  Be sure to capture who you are as you become the adult you are dreaming of being!
Capturing Life After High School!


We are blessed,

Jason and Tonja
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