Capturing You In Action ~ Images by Jason and Tonja ~ Ashland Nebraska


Living life and making your mark.



When you find something that you love, you work to make your mark.  You pursue what you do with an unending passion.  You think about it when you wake and then again before you sleep.  It is something that you love to do and can’t imagine life without.

Passion for life sets you apart from those who just live the daily grind.  Seeing the potential the possibilities, feeling the energy, and finding the place inside you that you can pull from to give yourself the best chance of going the whole distance.

You may not be an Olympian.  You may just be inspired by one.  You may not be an athlete, you may just have the attitude of one.  You may have never won anything before, but you carry the heart of a champion inside you.

Pushing yourself to become the very best at something that you can be, while enjoying the process.  That is living.

We love working with High School Seniors.  You can see the thrill of the future in there eyes.  You can feel the anticipation of taking that next step.  We love sharing the power that seniors hold inside them.




Keenan Hahn has an obvious passion for being on the water.   We love creating images of our seniors who want us to capture them in unconventional places!

We are blessed,

Jason and Tonja

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We have to studios one  located in Ashland and the other in Omaha (Millard) Nebraska as well as on location as requested.

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