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The Gestring Family Portrait

        Can You Feel The Love? We could! It isn’t everyday that every member of your extended family can get together at the same time! It is a hard thing to do it requires a commitment from everyone involved. Generally this happens because one or two people realize how much everything has…

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Effie L. - July 21, 2014 - 5:27 am

That is really awesome that you could get a chance to photograph your family like that!


Family Portrait Photography Ashland Nebraska – Images by Jason and Tonja

Bengston Family  – Images by Jason and Tonja Portrait Photography Don’t leave your family portrait’s to chance!  Portrait photography is an important part of every families heritage, sharing with future generations stories and images of the past.  Finding yourself in someone elses eyes. It isn’t what you do or say, it is sometimes all about…

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She is a Beautiful Baby!

  She is a beauty, that is what we all say,  It isn’t that often that you can’t turn away. Blessings abound, and delight forms at her sounds, she coos and cuddles, and has all of the right snuggles. Her bright eyes just shine, and she hardly ever whines, she is soft as can be,…

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Sister Has Baby On Board ~ Kansas City Beautiful

    Baby Baby Baby!  Oh Baby!     Growing up it wasn’t something we ever talked about.  I never even thought about getting married.  However my sisters seemed to grasp the idea of family a little sooner than me.  We welcomed Mike to our family he was the second guy to marry in to…

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