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Welcome to the Images by Jason & Tonja blog gallery! This is where we share our latest posts. Hover any of the thumbnails below to explore some of our favorite shoots.

Hannah Neil 2015 New York Bound

      Class of  2015 ~ Hannah Neil         Hannah Neil, when you meet her,View full post »

The Gestring Family Portrait

      Can You Feel The Love? We could! It isn’t everyday that every member of your extendedView full post »

Family Portrait Photography Ashland Nebraska – Images by Jason and Tonja

Bengston Family  – Images by Jason and Tonja Portrait Photography Don’t leave your family portrait’sView full post »

Angel Guardians in Omaha Nebraska Invited Images by Jason and Tonja to Help Out!

    Angel Guardians, A Place to Grow a Place to Go!   Of course we love doing great things! WeView full post »

Duke Service Dog!

We LOVE Dogs! Domesti-Pups & Our Booth at the Lincoln Lancaster Event Center! Images by Jason and Tonja

  It was a Domesti-Pups Dog Diggity Event!   We sure had fun meeting everyone and seeing your fur kidsView full post »

Images by Jason and Tonja Hazel Luka Duke Service Dog

I LOVE MY DOG EXPO ~ Jason and Tonja Nebraska Dog Photography

    NEBRASKA~Ashland~Omaha~Lincoln Hello, we were so excited to meet you!   What a great event theView full post »

Beautiful Baby Petra First Portrait Images by Jason and Tonja

She is a Beautiful Baby!

She is a beauty, that is what we all say,  It isn’t that often that you can’t turn away. BlessingsView full post »

Darling Girls

Nebraska Treasures!

      Bright & Smiling   Two beautiful girls spent a day with their grandparents!  View full post »

Images by Jason and Tonja, Fernanda, Rotary, Brazil

Fernanda, Wicked Smart Beauty!

 Wicked Smart Beauty!     It has been a while to say the least.  She was here last year and weView full post »

Images by Jason and Tonja Kendra Schuster After Dark Fierce Flying

Glamour and Creativity Run Freely in St. Louis!

  Lights Camera Action!     It isn’t often that you find in front of you an artisticallyView full post »

Sister Has Baby On Board ~ Kansas City Beautiful

  Baby Baby Baby!  Oh Baby!     Growing up it wasn’t something we ever talked about.  IView full post »

Performer and Entertainer Julie Jewels Jubilee

Beautiful Education.

    Life isn’t always predictable.  That is what makes it so interesting.  From Nebraska toView full post »

Follow my blog with BloglovinView full post »

Images by Jason and Tonja Spokesmodel

Class of 2014-17 Spokesmodel Application!

    Spokesmodel Search!     We aren’t promising fortune and fame.  We are looking forView full post »

Johnathan, Adams Nebraska High School Senior! Images by Jason and Tonja

  Johnathan 2013 High School Senior We have been blessed this year to work with yet another high schoolView full post »

Before You Get Swept Under… Images by Jason and Tonja

We all know how it works when things start to pile up…. It often feels like you’ve been swept underwater andView full post »

True beauty is when happiness exudes from you... ~T

True beauty is when happiness exudes from you. – Images by Jason and Tonja Capturing Beautiful!

    Happiness.       Is one of the most amazing emotions.  Your eyes sparkle, all ofView full post »

50 Years in LOVE! Images by Jason & Tonja Omaha Nebraska

Celebrating 50 Years!   The Waggoners! Celebrating family, celebrating love, celebrating relationships. FamilyView full post »

Being real, when you know who you are.

Being Real… at Images by Jason and Tonja in Ashland Nebraska, and Millard Nebraska!

How do you see yourself?       My name is Tonja and I think we often see ourselves in a way that isn&#View full post »

Images by Jason and Tonja

Create Your World.. Images by Jason and Tonja, Nebraska Photographers

That is what life is about, figure out where your heart leads you and design your life!  Sometimes we get chances toView full post »

Be who you are, share who you are!

What can you do celebrate your birthday? ~ Ashland Nebraska, Images by Jason & Tonja

Celebrating Tara!   Celebrating who you are is an important part of life.  Accepting who you are and where you areView full post »

Ashland Nebraska Photographers ~ Images by Jason & Tonja

Images by Jason & Tonja For us, capturing who you are isn’t about a pose, your clothes or who you know. It isView full post »

Images by Jason and Tonja

Freaky Frolics – Ashland Nebraska – Ashland Junior Women’s Club & Glacial Till Vineyard

Thanks so much for stopping by to view our Freaky Frolics Images! A huge THANK YOU to the Ashland Junior Woman’sView full post »

Images by Jason and Tonja

Riley – 2014

Riley’s Sophomore Images 2014 Note: There is MUSIC so check your volume. Back to our Senior Site Contact us: Email:View full post »

Images by Jason and Tonja


Sierra’s Senior Images 2012                                                   Note: ThereView full post »

Images by Jason and Tonja


  Keenan’s Senior Images 2012 Note: There is MUSIC so check your volumeView full post »

Gerdes Family ~ Images by Jason and Tonja ~ Nebraska

Gerdes Family ~ Images by Jason and Tonja ~ Ashland NE

What fun we had this day with the Gerdes family!  We just adore their three kids.  We got to play with hula hoops,View full post »

NAMLE ~ The Nebraska Association for Middle Level Education

N.A.M.L.E. The Nebraska Association for Middle Level Education They have just launched a new website! N.A.M.L.E. We&#View full post »

Congratulations on your marriage!

Colorado Couple Gets Hitched! Congratulations to Amber & Adrian! ~ Wishing You All The Best~ Jason & Tonja

We are blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives! Congratulations Amber & Adrian! Wishing you years ofView full post »

Images by Jason and Tonja

Why we take pictures…

We take pictures because we enjoy taking a little bit of what we see with us. It started out when we were both muchView full post »

Carson’s Birthday Pictures!

Celebrating Carson! We were warned that Carson loves being a boy!  So we were prepared with ideas to keep himView full post »

Images By Jason And Tonja

Images by Jason and Tonja Artists Reception at Glacial Till Vineyard in Ashland, Nebraska

What a great party!  A HUGE Thank You to everyone who attended our Artists Reception at The Glacial Till Vineyard! AView full post »

Jason and Tonja of Images by Jason and Tonja

Would you like to know who we are?

We’d like to invite you to watch our very first video… ]   Thank you for watching!   We’dView full post »

The Peterson Family Video! by Images by Jason and Tonja

Great things are happening! See what you think of the latest addition to our photography habit. Here are some tips.  ToView full post »

Peterson Family 2011

Do you love your family? We love ours! Here are a couple of our family moments that we’d like to share with you! &View full post »

Bengston Family

We sure enjoyed the day we spent shooting the Bengston Family. When you have such an amazing family in your lens, theView full post »


Welcome to our new Blog-site! We are thrilled that you have stopped by.  Please make yourself at home. We have many newView full post »


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